“In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take.”

Well, hello friend! Come on in, the water’s fine (…if a little chilly).

I’m Jane. An adventurer, recovering non-creative, ex-financial planner and explorer of all things that make life uncomfortably worthwhile. I’m currently on a mission to enrich my life, one comfort zone challenge at a time.  I want to encourage and inspire you live a brave and intentional life, so that when you look back over your life you can be sure you sucked all the juice out of it.

After becoming a new mum a few years ago I started to question my identity, it was almost like I didn’t know myself anymore.  All of the things that I had previously identified with – my job, money, intelligence – fell into question.  I felt lost, and I found myself falling into depression.  Getting out of it has taken time, but somewhere during that process my husband intervened and gave me a ‘gift’ that changed everything.

That’s me. Totally cool as a cucumber…

One ordinary weekend in April 2015, hubby booked me in to go skydiving (you can read about that here). And during those 30 seconds of freefall, something inside me had irreversibly shifted. That set in motion a plan to start living a more fulfilling and more ‘uncomfortable’ life. I resolved to continue doing things that got me out of my comfort zone and this blog became a way of documenting each of my comfort zone challenges as well as a way of reflecting on and sharing the life lessons I took from each one.

I believe that everyone deserves to live their best life, and that living your best life requires you live true to your values, honour your dreams and ultimately know and love yourself unconditionally.  I hope to inspire you and encourage you to take chances, to push through the discomfort, improve your confidence and live your best possible life. I also hope to connect you with other like-minded (crazy) people who also want to push the boundaries and live their own definition of an amazing life.

I’d love to connect with you and hear your own comfort zone stories. You can now find me via my Financial Coaching business at Jane K Walters Financial Coach. I’m also on FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn.

Welcome aboard. You are now leaving your comfort zone…

Love Jane xx

P.S. For anyone wondering, I called this blog Cold Showers are Good for you because of a Smart People podcast that I loved (I love them all).  The specific interview was with a guy called Joe De Sena, whose view on personal growth and the comfort zone really fascinated me.  If you want to listen, check it out here.

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